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The Mendocino Stone Ranch

The Mendocino Stone Ranch is an unparalleled oasis nestled in the heart of Mendocino. Spanning 50 acres, this retreat is dotted with mesmerizing stone installations, each telling tales of nature’s artistry. Guided tours offer visitors a deeper dive into these geological wonders, unraveling their mysteries and the stories they enshroud. For those seeking solace, our tranquil Airbnb accommodations provide a haven, merging rustic aesthetics with modern comforts. The property also shines as a coveted venue, crafting spaces for intimate weddings, rejuvenating wellness retreats, and other significant events. Whether you’re journeying through our guided stone explorations, relishing a peaceful stay, or marking a milestone, The Mendocino Stone Ranch promises an experience steeped in Mendocino’s magic and allure.

The Founder

Peter Joseph Mullins

July 23, 1947 – August 21, 2022

Peter spent many years working in various facets of the construction industry. In retirement, he worked on his beloved property in Gualala, CA, the “Mendocino Stone Zone”, a one of a kind marvel showcasing the work of stone masons from around the world.


He connected with craftsmen through the Stone Foundation and Art City in Ventura, as well as through his travels in search of unique materials. He would hold annual “builds” in which these stone masons convened to create beautiful installations throughout the property.


Peter was most proud of his Fish Rock Watch Tower overlooking the Pacific Ocean, completed in 2015 using traditional old-world Irish masonry methods. He also collaborated on stone installations at the Gualala Art Center and the Point Arena Lighthouse. Peter led a fulfilling and productive life amongst the redwoods and within the community.


He worked on the property every day and took great pride in seeing his physical labor come to fruition. Peter, aka “The Unapruner”, enjoyed using hardscaping mixed with strategic limb pruning and tree trimming to lift the forest canopy and create a more fire-defensive environment. 

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The Mendocino
Stone Ranch

The Mendocino Stone Ranch is a unique 50-acre property in Mendocino, featuring 30 captivating stone installations for visitors to explore. Alongside one Airbnb house, and one yurt for tranquil stays, the property serves as a versatile venue, ideal for weddings and wellness sessions like yoga, making it a blend of scenic retreat and celebration hub.

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